Top 10 Gear Motor Manufacturers in 2022

A gear motor is an all-in-one combination of an electric motor and a gearbox. This makes it a simple, cost-effective solution for high-torque, low-speed applications because it combines a motor with a gear reducer system.

There are many manufacturing companies around the world. Today, we are going to discuss the top 10 manufacturers of gear motors.

1. Groschopp

Introduction: Groschopp is an American manufacturer of fractional hp motors and gear motors for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). We offer a range of standard options but specialize in industrial motors and gear motors that are modified to meet your needs. We would love to help you find a fractional hp motor solution.

Main Products:
● DC Gear Motors
● AC Gear Motors
● BLDC Motors
● Brushless Gear Motors


2. Bodine

Introduction: From our first motor in 1905 to today’s solar powered motion control solutions for the energy industry, Bodine has helped thousands of customers solve application challenges, develop gearmotor and drive solutions, and deliver high-quality products.

Main Products:
● Planetary Gearmotor
● Hollow Shaft Gearmotor
● Brushless DC Gearmotor
● Right Angle Gearmotors


3. Power Electric

Introduction: Power Electric was founded in 1986 with the desire to help customers across a range of industries find expert solutions and guidance for their OEM motor needs. Three decades later, we’ve grown into a global leader in electric motor solutions by continuously providing the highest level of customer service to our clients. Our growth can be contributed to our core value of meeting and exceeding customer expectations.

Main Products:
● Planetary Gear Motors
● Offset Shaft Gear Motors
● Spur Gear Motors
● Right-Angle Gear Motors


4. Twirl

Introduction: Ningbo Twirl Motor Co., Ltd, established in 2009, is a professional manufacturer engaged in the research, development, production, sale of micro planet gearbox, gear motor, linear actuator, automotive motor and powder metallurgy parts. With the rapid growth in market share and manufacturing capacity, Twirl has now become outstanding and has won a high reputation in overseas & domestic markets. Besides 82 kinds of normal products, we developed more than 26 types of non-standard products. Our company covers an area of 15,000 square meters and has 120 employees and has an annual production capacity of 800,000pcs.

Main Products:
● DC Planetary Gear Motor
● Brushless DC Gear Motor
● DC Spur Gear Motor
● DC Worm Gear Motor


Introduction: As a developer and system manufacturer, STOBER deals with all drive technology components – from software to precision gears. The comprehensive, modularly designed product range enables extremely individually structured solutions.

Main Products:
● Inline Geared Motor
● Right Angle Geared Motor


6. NFPshop

Introduction: NFPshop is an online shop that sells miniature motors samples for prototype design in early times. This website provides great convenience for design companies for general in the initial design of a new product, it may not need a particularly large quantity of motors once time.

Main Products:
● 12 Volt DC Gear Motor
● 24V DC Gear Motor
● Coreless Gear Motor
● Planetary Gearbox Motor


7. ISL

Introduction: Founded in 1975, headquartered in New York, we are an engineering-oriented designer, manufacturer, and supplier of application-specific electromechanical components. We service small, medium and large OEM manufacturers. We also serve as a continuous source manufacturer for obsolete and hard-to-find components.
With over 40 years of manufacturing experience, our expertise in electromechanical components and assembly line processes is second to none. Our years of experience and relationships, allow us to provide our customers with a wide variety of components.

Main Products:
● Planetary Gear Motors
● Spur Gear Motors
● Worm Gear Motors
● Brushless DC Motors


8. Venture

Introduction: Venture Mfg. Co. can offer a variety of standard DC gear motors tuned to the speed, range, precision, and repeatability of your application. Our 24v DC gear motor range comprises products that are highly customizable per customer specifications. They integrate seamlessly with your application to create smooth, precisely-controllable motion without consuming excessive power. These products are available with various combinations of DC voltage, the gear ratio and sensor options.


9. Bauer

Introduction: Founded in 1927, Bauer Gear Motor has grown globally to become a preferred source for high-quality, extremely reliable geared motors. Bauer engineers develop technically-advanced solutions that feature energy-efficient motors paired with optimal gearboxes to provide customers with the lowest possible cost of ownership. Bauer's wide product range includes helical geared motors, shaft-mounted geared motors, bevel-geared motors, worm geared motors, monorail geared motor drives, aseptic drives, and C-adapter motor connection.

Main Products:
● Helical Geared Motor
● Shaft Mounted Geared Motor
● Bevel Geared Motor
● Worm Geared Motor
● Monorail Geared Motor



Introduction: NER GROUP is the headquarters located in China which is built 30 years ago and Yantai Bonway Manufacturer Co., Ltd is the branch company in China mainland which is a professional high-tech enterprise dedicated to mechanical and electrical drive technology which mainly of gearmotor, couplings, industry gearboxes and electric motors. With an excellent after-sales service system, we have built a worldwide business scope for many engineer projects in a lot of countries, which belonged to Europe, the Middle East and South America.

Main Products:
● Helical Geared Motors
● Worm Geared Motors
● Planetary Geared Motors
● Bevel Geared Motors
● Spur Geared Motors
● Cycloidal Geared Motors
● Hypoid Geared Motors
● Spiral Bevel Geared Motors



We have discussed the top 10 manufacturers of geared motors. All these companies provide high quality geared motors. All have a different design, technology, benefits, etc. But the most important thing is their support and reliability. They make geared motors according to safety standards.

If you have geared motors needs, you can contact us, we will provide you with help and give you the best solution.

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