What are the Types of Planetary Gear Motors

One or more planet gears are used in planetary gear motors, a form of gear system, to deliver torque and power. The robotics, automation, and automotive sectors all employ them extensively. Planetary gear motors are perfect for a variety of applications since they are very effective, small, and able to support heavy loads.

The many planetary gear motor types and their parts will be covered in this article. Additionally, we will look at the many planetary gear designs employed in these motors, such as spur, helical, and double-enveloping worm gears.


1. Types of Planetary Gears

Planetary gears come in different types, each with its own unique characteristics. Spur gears are the most common type of planetary gears and have straight teeth that mesh with the sun gear and ring gear. Helical gears have angled teeth that allow for smoother operation and less noise. Double-enveloping worm gears have a curved tooth profile that provides higher torque transmission and greater efficiency.

Each type of planetary gear has its advantages and disadvantages. Spur gears are simple and easy to manufacture, but they may produce more noise and vibration. Helical gears are quieter and more efficient, but they are also more complex and expensive to manufacture. Double-enveloping worm gears are the most efficient but are also the most expensive and difficult to manufacture.


2. Planetary Gear Motors

One or more planetary gear sets are included into the construction of a planetary gear motor, a particular kind of gear motor. These motors are perfect for a variety of applications, including robotics, automation, and automotive, because they are very effective and small. They are frequently utilised in situations where low speed and strong torque are necessary.

In order for planetary gear motors to function, torque must be transferred from the input shaft to the output shaft via a set of planetary gears. The sun gear, which meshes with many planet gears, is attached to the input shaft. The carrier that the planet gears are placed on meshes with the outer ring gear. The output shaft rotates in the opposite direction as the planet gears revolve around the sun gear and the ring gear, respectively.

The great efficiency of planetary gear motors is one of their key benefits. A planetary gear motor loses less energy from friction because the gears are always in touch with one another. Planetary gear motors are therefore perfect for situations where great efficiency and minimal energy usage are crucial.


3. Components of a Planetary Gear Set

Three major gears make up a planetary gear set: the sun gear, planet gears, and ring gear. At the centre of the gear set and attached to the input shaft is the sun gear. The planet gears mesh with the sun gear and the ring gear and are mounted on a carrier. As the outermost gear in the set, the ring gear is secured to the gearbox housing.

A planetary gear set also consists of the carrier, bearings, output shaft, and housing in addition to these major gears. The planet gears may revolve around the sun gear because of the carrier, which secures them in place. The bearings lessen friction while supporting the gears. The output shaft spins alongside the ring gear since it is attached to it. The housing supports and protects the whole gear set by enclosing it.


4. Types of Planetary Gear Motors

There are several different types of planetary gear motors, each with its own unique characteristics and applications. Some of the most common types include:

● 6mm planetary gear motor: A tiny and space-saving motor, the 6mm planetary gear motor is perfect for use in drones and other small devices where there is a lack of available space.
● Planetary gear motor 12v: A motor that uses 12 volts of direct current and is frequently used in commercial and industrial settings.
● DC planetary gear motor: DC planetary gear motors are often used in robotics and automation. They are powered by DC voltage.
● Planetary gearbox for servo motors: This type of gearbox is frequently used in robotics and automation.
● Planetary gearbox for servo motor: A gearbox with great precision and accuracy that is made particularly to work with servo motors.
● Micro planetary gearbox: A tiny and space-saving gearbox that is perfect for use in tiny devices and applications.
The best type of planetary gear motor to use depends on the particular requirements of the application. Each type has benefits and uses of its own.



In many different sectors, planetary gear motors are a crucial form of gear system. They are perfect for a variety of applications since they are very effective, small, and strong enough to handle heavy loads. In order to choose the best gear motor for a given application, it is crucial to comprehend the many types of planetary gears and planetary gear motors, as well as their components and uses.

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