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DC Planetary Gear Motor Supplier

● TWIRL is a world leader in the design and manufacturing of customized gear motors. Our gear motors are renowned for their smooth, controlled power delivery and high torque.
● From configurable to fully customizable, Twirl offers Gearmotor solutions to meet specific OEM requirements.
● Since different cases normally hold different needs and demands, custom gearboxes are of great importance so that different needs can be satisfied individually.
● In-house manufacturing of own gearing tools as well as treatment and hardening processes, the production of precise gearing components, gearboxes and technical parts are core competencies of TWIRL.

Why Choose Us

Engineering Excellence
Twirl Motor has the engineering capability to meet your design requirements.
Flexible Manufacturing
Twirl's lean optimized manufacturing floor can accommodate both large and small orders.
Quality Reliability
Key Components are completely Home-Made. IATF16949 management system ensures product quality accuracy and productivity.
OEM&ODM is our daily work, over 95% of motors we are selling are OEM&ODM.
Competitive Cost Control System
Our perfect and stable supply chain system. Automated production and very low defect rates have reduced costs.
Effective Communication and Collaboration
The customer needs analysis team responds to customers quickly and professionally. Professional sales engineers provide one-stop customized services.
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Main Certificate

Buying FAQ

Can the motor run in CW (clockwise) and CCW (counter-clockwise)?
Yes, all of our Brushed DC and Gear Motor can be used in both CW and CCW. Normally direction of Rotation is CCW when viewing from the output shaft end with positive the voltage applied to the positive terminal.
If I don't know how much torque I need, how can I figure it out?
There is a simple way to figure it out. You just need to send us the rough torque range, and the dimension limitation, then we will offer a type for you and make a few samples to test. During the testing, we can offer a simple method to check it out.
How to reduce the motor noise?
This is a constantly and usually asked question. Twirl has 10+ years of experience with noise control experience, we have many ways to handle different noises, like different gear materials and production technics, grease and DC Motor control.
Can Twirl customize the motor?
yes, most of motors supplied to current customers are customized, like the customized voltage, speed, torque, current and noise; customized dimensions, like a shaft, motor body, extra cable&connector, worm, gear support, etc.
Can I get samples for testing before ordering?
When you need samples for testing, please contact us directly, will answer your inquiry no later than 24 hours.
What is the lead time for samples and bulks?
It depends. For samples, It is about 12 days. For bulk production (5000pcs or below), About 30 days. For bulk production (5000pcs above), About 50 days.
What is your MOQ?
It depends on motor types, Pls discuss with our sales on line.
What is your payment term?
T/T, L/C, Western union etc, We can further discuss.
What is your delivery term?
Ex Works, FOB Ningbo/Shanghai, FCA, CIF discharge port, CIP destination airport, DDU those are what we always do so far.
  Standard product of TWIRL planetary gear motor ASSEMBLY:
Model Diameter Voltage Speed MAX rated torque  Power  Encoder type 
PG16050 series 16mm 3V~24V 3~2000rpm 0.3~1 Watt  
PG22180 series 22mm 3V~24V 5~2000rpm 1~4 Watt ME-180(1ppr,3ppr)
PG25370 series 25mm 12~24V 5~2000rpm 0.3~2 Watt  
PG28395 series 28mm 12~24V 1~1500rpm 3~10 Watt ME-28(3ppr, 7ppr)
PG32395 series 32mm 12~24V 1~1700rpm 3~10 Watt ME-28(3ppr, 7ppr)
PG32555 series 32mm 12~24V 1~1500rpm 4~20 Watt ME-37(3ppr, 7ppr)
PG32GR  series 32mm 12~24V 1~1500rpm 1~8 Watt ME-GR(3ppr, 7ppr)
PG36GR  series 36mm 12~24V 1~1500rpm 1~8 Watt ME-GR(3ppr, 7ppr)
PG36555 series 36mm 12~24V 1~1500rpm 4~20 Watt ME-37(3ppr, 7ppr)
PG42775 series 42mm 12~24V 1~1500rpm 6~40 Watt ME-775(3ppr, 7ppr)
PG45775 series 45mm 12~24V 1~1500rpm 6~40 Watt ME-775(3ppr, 7ppr)
PG45ZY45 series 45mm 12~24V 1~2000rpm 10~40 Watt  
PG52ZY52 series 52mm 12~24V 1~2000rpm 30~60 Watt  
PG56ZY58 series 56mm 12~24V 1~2000rpm 30~80 Watt ME-3237D(13ppr)/brake
solar tracker motor 115mm 12~24V 2.5rpm 80 Watt  


TWIRL Planetary Gear Motor Catalog

Twirl Motor latest catalogue 2021

Choose Professional Planetary Gear Motor Manufacturers and Suppliers

As a leading manufacturer of planetary gear motors in China, we can help you provide more affordable planetary gear motors. Our reliable quality can help you expand your business.

Planetary Gear Motor

TWIRL MOTOR products consist of gearbox ,motor ,encoder and brake components. 
  • Outer Diameter: 16mm – 115mm
  • Voltage: 3V,6V,12V,18V, 24VDC 
  • Output power: 1Watt ~80 Watt
  • Rated torque: up to 290 Nm
  • Rated speed: 1rpm ~ 2000rpm

Planetary Gear Motor

Customized Options

Total DC motor  solutions could be customized based on different appllication conditions.

  • Professional DC gear motor customization at various RPM, torques, OD, voltages, flange, and IP ratings.
  • Output shaft: extended, slotted, cross-drilled, D-cut, Keyway, round, Hexagon, Splined
  • Lead wire: special lengths, heat shrink, connectors, cable harnesses.
  • Bearing & lubricant for high temperature/humid operations
  • Power-on or power-off type electromagnetic brake,encoder+brake Option
  • Capacitor& resistor for EMC suppression.


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